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Turning spatial data into actionable information.

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Data is everywhere, but it's often locked behind a format, website, or an API. Location Data Services can extract data from PDFs, scrape websites, or retrieve data from web services and put them into commonly used formats such as CSV, XLS, and KML for immediate use. Data can also be delivered in a database, a full text search engine, or a NoSQL data store.

From kilobytes to petabytes, Location Data Services can make your data work for you.


We provide spatial data analysis for a wide range of industries and applications. With 20 years of experience in transportation, utilities, natural resource planning, demography, network analysis, imagery analysis, intelligence, and defense Location Data Services has the domain expertise to understand and provide tailored solutions. Maps and visualizations

Location Data Services can create the maps and visualizations for your project.


We build information systems for decision making and planning. Location Data Services is an experienced system integrator, building desktop applications, developing and implementing enterprise software and solutions, implementing standards based information architectures, and even web scale systems for both batch and stream processing.

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